Monday, December 10, 2007

This Week's Edits

Occasionally, I will turn in a piece to the Quick that for one reason or another must be editorially fettered prior to publication. In an effort of full disclosure to my loyal web log readers, I will post what has been changed whenever such revisions occur. Think of it as the deleted scenes bonus material for that week's column.

  • "Rat hammer" was changed to "dog cannon."
  • The recipe for "Grandma Abthernabther's Chinchilla Soup" was omitted due to word count limitations.
  • "Sunny bunny fluff" was changed to "lava snot."
  • All references to Hitler were removed.
  • The phrase "Korean people like to steal cars" was replaced with"Korean people do not like to steal cars."
  • "Jerk wad" was changed to "putrid festering dickface."
  • All references to the Richard Marx piano ballad "Right Here Waiting" were removed.
  • "Dick York" was replaced with "Dick Sargent."