Monday, November 26, 2007

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown Forever

Dearest readers,

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I will soon be making an exciting announcement on this web log. There is little doubt in my mind that this new development will not only change my life but your life as well, not to mention the lives of everyone you know and maybe even some people who you are not as familiar with.

It is without the slightest inkling of hyperbole that I declare the following: What will be announced in the next few days is going to irreparably alter human culture for centuries to come.

Stay tuned. On Wednesday I will announce that I will be making another announcement on Friday that will culminate in yet another announcement to be made on Sunday. Cancel your plans, call in sick for work, or at the very least add this web log’s RSS feed to whatever it is you add RSS feeds to.

Alibaster Abthernabther